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The Piligian Architectural Group
The Piligian Architectural Group

Firm Overview

Architecture is a delicate balance between design ability, technical expertise, and the effective use of the available resources.  The Piligian Architectural Group strives to achieve this balance. We are dedicated to the art and profession of architecture, and this dedication shines through in all of our projects and endeavors.  Several aspects of The Piligian Architectural Group help us stand out from other architectural firms.

Service   Architecture is a service profession, and a firm's survival depends a great deal on repeat business and recommendations.  These facts are always in the forefront of our minds to ensure that the quality and the consistency of our services are focused exactly where they should be -- on the client.


Management   Project management is the key to success.  Single source responsibility, along with constant and open communication with the client assures that all parties have the same goals in mind.  Our project management methods and abilities help guide the project to its desired conclusion -- its completion on time and on budget.


Design   Our design philosophy is client based.  We welcome and encourage input during the entire design process.  Quality design runs much deeper than a building's aesthetic appearance; functionality and addressing the project's requirements are equally important.


Expertise   The ability to bring a project to fruition, on both a technical and budgetary level, allows the exploration of design scenarios otherwise abandoned. Being experienced in many different types of     construction as well as different building types, we are able to examine design scenarios otherwise overlooked.


Facilities   In addition to providing the full spectrum of architectural services, The Piligian Architectural Group also offers a unique service-- facilities management, to help clients maintain their new and existing facilities.


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