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Architecture is a delicate balance between design ability, technical expertise, and the effective use of the available resources.  The Piligian Architectural Group strives to achieve this balance.  We are dedicated to the art and profession of architecture, and this dedication shines through in all of our projects and endeavors. 


Facilities Management


We combine all of our skills and expertise in new construction and renovations to establish a building care program.  This service not only creates a preventive maintenance schedule, but provides advanced warning of upcoming building repairs while helping to extend the life of building components.


Through ongoing, periodic inspections, a facilities management program provides up-to-date information on building conditions, Americans with Disabilities Act compliance, and life safety issues.


The Piligian Architectural Group, has established itself as an architectural firm unparalleled in client service and quality.  To maintain these high standards we are fully computerized and are constantly examining ways to improve our practice.  We offer a full range of professional services including architecture, interior design, facilities management, and feasibility studies.


Special Needs Architecture


What is Special Needs Architecture? First, what is it not? Special Needs Architecture is not designing to merely meet legal accessibility standards. ADA and/or ICC/ANSI-117.1 are designed for the accessibility needs of the general public. Special Needs Architecture, however is designing for the specific individual.


The first step in a successful Special Needs Architecture project is communication. The architect must sit down with all parties involved - the special needs individual, the care givers, the family and the therapists - to determine exactly what the needs and goals are. For example, the accessibility codes require grab bars on the side and rear of an accessible toilet and the fixture must be 18 inches off the wall. What if the special needs individual can not use grab bars, or the care giver needs more room on each side? A toilet

with extra room on each side and no grab bars does not meet accepted handicapped accessibility codes but may function best for the specific special needs individual.


Another aspect of Special Needs Architecture is how the design accommodates the rest of the family. No one likes to visit a hospital, let alone live in one. The design must achieve a harmony where the special needs individual receives all they need to thrive and excel while maintaining a residential/non-institutional environment.


While accessibility codes are a good starting point, Special Needs Architecture is accessibility and so much more.


Location, Location, Location...


The Piligian Architectural Group has completed projects throughout the United States.

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